Many, many people contributed to this work over many years. My most heartfelt and deepest gratitude goes to the Lisette Model Foundation, the Kellner Foundation, and the Chrysos Foundation all for helping on numerous occasions. Friends and family members who helped above and beyond the call were Dan & Lori Price, Evan Handler & Elisa Atti, George & Martha Kellner, Wendy James, Judy & Dr. Stephen Bernstein, and Spencer & Molly Rosenheck. Special thanks to Adair Rowland who helped with some of the early chapters, and Deirdre Mullane of Mullane Literary Associates who edited the entire book. Others who helped along the way, in no particular order were: Gary & Felice Dorsay, Bennett & Gail Bakst, Doug Stuber, John & Susan Pelosi, Erik & Nikki Stern, Kurt & Edith Osinsky, Holly Robenner, John Pielmeier, Arnie & Bara Rosenheck, Dr. Jim Leckman, Eric Somers, Murry & Enid Handler, Sheldon & Barbara Cohen, Joe Conason & Elizabeth Wagley, Marc Myers, Dr. Richard Katz, Jerry & Sandy Levine, Lou Ofsevit, Alice & Eric Thomas, Robert Rosenheck & Cindy Capobianco, Jennifer, Michelle Packard Turck, Monnda Welch, James Herrin, planetMitch, Guy Peckitt, Natalie Tummolo, Vincenza Tummolo, Timonie Hood, Jennifer Dorsay Love, Massimiliano Maffini, Jenny Warburg, Dinah, Rob Featherstone, Amy Safhay, Lillian Handler Koch, CJ Simpson, Jim Powell, Audacia Ray, Arlene S. Chasek, Linda Booker, Laura Duffey, Valerie Downes, Devin Pickering, Danny Pickering, Keith O’Neil, Sean Thompson, and special thanks to DeAngela Wright, as well as everyone interviewed and profiled in the book.